Q: Can it work for anyone ?

A: It has been designed to be simple enough for anyone to use and we’ve trained a wide range of people aged between 7 and 87, with a variety of issues and abilities. Your practitioner will be happy to discuss any special requirements you may have.

Q: Why is it called ‘training’ ?

A: The Lightning Process is a training programme, not a treatment or a therapy, so you need to be ready to learn. Our experience is that if people apply the skills/tools that they learn from doing this course, then they are able to make changes to achieve new levels of health, wellbeing and happiness.

Q: Is it similar to any other therapy ?

A: No, the Lightning Process is a training programme and although it is designed with an expert knowledge of osteopathy, NLP and life coaching, it is not the same as these or any other approaches. The Lightning Process is completely unique.

Q: Is it positive thinking ?

A: No, a small element of the Lightning Process looks at the consequence of negative thinking, but it is not just positive thinking, as that kind of approach has only limited success.

Q: Will I be hypnotised ?

A: No, the LP does not involve you being hypnotised by a practitioner and you will remain completely present at all times.

Q: Will there be physical contact or manipulation of the body and muscles during the training ?

A: No, the osteopathic elements of the LP are referring to the principles that underpin osteopathy and in particular the link between the brain and the body and how posture can affect you.

Q: Have medical trials been carried out for the Lightning Process ?

A: A feasibility study with the NHS is currently underway.

Q: How much does it cost ?

A: The cost is £595 for the 3 day training. This includes
• Initial consultation
• 3 day training course
o Course materials
o Support CD
• 3 hours follow-up one-to-one coaching (usually done over the phone)
Payment is via cheque or direct bank transfer and is only payable once you have been accepted on the course.

Susan Payton, Licenced Lightning Process Practitioner.  Tel : 07802 377 391 Email : susan@susanpayton.co.uk