What is the Lightning Process ?

The Phil Parker Lightning Process is an empowering 3-day training programme that teaches you how you can influence your health and life using techniques based on the way the brain and body interact.

Combining concepts from Neuro-Linguistic programming (NLP), Life Coaching and the principles behind Osteopathy, the Lightning Process will help you to discover :

• How much more influential you are in your life and health than you might ever have imagined
• How so many of the reasons why you are not having the great life and health you wish for are due to physical, neurological and psychological “patterns” (where your body, brain and mind have got stuck in ways of operating that are often not very useful)
• How often you won’t even notice these destructive patterns, as they are just not within your conscious awareness or control; how you’re not to blame for them and how it is very difficult to identify them without expert help or training
• How much the body, brain and mind all influence each other (eg when you feel stressed you may experience physical ‘symptoms’ such as tummy ache or IBS, headaches, cold sores, sweating, backache, eczema or insomnia!)
• How it is possible to learn a whole new set of effective tools that will allow you to retrain your body, brain and mind so you can live the life you love

On day one of the course, you will learn a very simple, elegant and powerful technique that will enable you to :

• positively influence your health and wellbeing (your body, brain and mind already influence each other very powerfully – but not always ‘positively’)
• quickly change unwanted thoughts and feelings and
• take charge of your health and energy and move your life forwards the way you want to. 

The Lightning Process can teach you how to change – regardless of how ‘easy’ or ‘difficult’ you currently think that change is going to be.  Prepare to be amazed by what the human mind, brain and body can do !

What might the Lightning Process training be beneficial for ?

The Lightning Process training programme is a powerful tool tailored to the individual that can be used to help a number of very different conditions.

Clients have reported improvement with a vast list of conditions including:

Chronic fatigue
Sleep disorders
Low Self Esteem
Digestive disorders
Stress & Struggle
Neurological disorders
Auto-immune disorders
Neurobehavioural disorders

It is also effective for enhancing:

Life Direction

Please note:

Only registered Lightning Process Practitioners can deliver the training. Practitioners must abide by strict codes of conduct and attend Continuing Professional Development each year. Your practitioner will help prepare you before the course, train you step by step in the Process and support you after the course in learning how to apply it to help revolutionise your health and future.

Important: Our LP practitioners are not medical professionals and cannot diagnose or give medical advice to clients. Please seek medical advice from your GP for this.


Susan Payton, Licenced Lightning Process Practitioner.  Tel : 07802 377 391 Email : susan@susanpayton.co.uk