Your next steps


Phase One : Preparing for the Course

We strongly recommend reading ‘An Introduction to the Lightning Process’ book by Phil Parker (also available as an audiobook).  As well as discovering the science behind this unique approach, it is a great way to prepare for the course so that you get the full benefit from the 3-day training. 

Contact a practitioner who will be happy to chat about what the training involves and talk through any questions you may have.  They are there to help you; providing a free coaching service to prepare you for your course.

Phase Two : The Seminar

The Lightning Process seminars are run on three consecutive days and take about three to five hours each day. On day one you will learn the Process and start to use it immediately. The final two days are for fine-tuning and learning the more advanced elements of the Process to enable you to get the long-term results you want. The Process can be done in group sessions or one on one - both formats are extremely successful.

Phase Three : After the Course

Your practitioner is there to support you in applying the Process after the course. Further sessions or telephone coaching are always available to assist you in applying what you have learnt in an ongoing way in your life.

Contact me ...

There is a lot of information on this website but please feel free to contact me at or call me on 07802 377 391 if you have any questions or would like a chat about any aspects of the Lightning Process.

I would be happy to explain what the course involves and provide you with any pre-course coaching required to help you prepare yourself for the training.


Susan Payton, Licenced Lightning Process Practitioner.  Tel : 07802 377 391 Email :